Southern Hills Animal Hospital

3827 Hite Street
Roanoke, VA 24014


Southern Hills Animal Hospital, located in Roanoke, Virginia, is a full service Veterinary Hospital owned by Doctors Preston and Mary Thornton. Together they have been caring for companion animals in their Southwest Roanoke office since 1994. In addition, Dr. Preston Thornton travels to farms and stables throughout Roanoke, Salem, Franklin County, Botetourt and Fincastle. Whether on the farm or in our fully equipped Hospital on Hite Street, they are committed to providing the medical, dental, and surgical care your pet deserves. Our entire staff is dedicated to developing an important, lasting health care partnership with you by earning and keeping your trust. With our wide range of services and extended hours for routine and urgent care appointments, we are able to provide all the care your pet needs, when they need it the most.

Our staff's professionalism, dedication to service, and enthusiasm for excellence will make your visit a rewarding, unique experience. Our doctors are dedicated to educating our clients on the health care needs of their pets through every stage of life. Offering pediatric preventive care, maintenance adult care, and early intervention to senior health issues, we are here to help you navigate the daily advances in veterinary medicine so your pet is provided with optimal care. Our doctors and staff are continuously adding to their medical and surgical knowledge to help ensure your pet is given every medical opportunity and advantage.

Our services include:

Health Paws Savings Plans incorporating the services and savings you need for a year

  • Healthy Paws Puppy and Kitten Classic and Optimal Care Savings Plans
  • Healthy Paws Classic and Optimal Care Savings Plans for Adults
  • Healthy Paws Internal Health Savings Plans
  • Healthy Paws Dental Savings Plans

Doctors' Appointments scheduled for 30-45 minutes to ensure we meet all your needs

Urgent Care appointments daily until 7 pm

Routine and Emergency Medical and Surgical Services

  • Spay and Neuter Packages
  • Emergency Surgical Procedures
  • Dental Care Programs
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Weight Management Programs
  • Pain Management and Mobility Rehabilitation Services

Bathing and Pampered Boarding Care

Intensive and Critical Nursing Care from 6 am until 11 pm daily

Outpatient Convalescent and Hospice Programs

Full Service Diagnostic and Treatment Center

  • Extensive In-house Laboratory for rapid detection of disease
  • Radiology, Ultrasound, and Endoscopic Imaging
  • Tele-medical Referrals to Board Specialists throughout the United States
  • Allergy Testing and Desensitization
  • Cardiac Evaluations and Treatment Programs
  • Oncology Consultations and Treatment Programs

We understand the special role your pet plays in your family and we are dedicated to becoming a valuable partner in your pet's health care needs.



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