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Weight Management and Nutrition

Pets with a healthy weight live a longer, better quality of life. As pet owners we can control what and when our pets eat. Proper nutrition is vital for our pet to function properly. Adequate exercise is the cornerstone to having a healthy weight and normal mental health. Our pets depend on us to give them exercise and to make sure they are not over fed or fed the wrong foods. Some weight issues are made worse by underlying health issues. Thyroid disease, heart disease, arthritis, Cushing's disease, diabetes and lung disease can greatly affect our pet's ability to maintain a normal weight or maintain reasonable activity.  We will work with you to begin a healthy weight management program.

Our weight intervention exam includes:

    • Comprehensive Whole Body Exam to determine all factors affection normal weight achievement

    • Diagnostic lab work and radiographs to visualize all body functions

    • Determination of reasonable weight goals and establish an appropriate, attainable plan

    • Recommendation of trustworthy foods and development of a feeding program specific to your pet

  • Recommendations for exercise and activities to enhance weight loss
  • Periodic evaluations and adjustments to your program to meet goals 

Basic Tips

    • Measure all food that you give your pet. Reduction of 20% will cause an acceptable weight loss start

    • Avoid "table" foods, fat and salt

    • All pets need a balanced diet - avoid raw meat diets or homemade diets

    • Snacks have calories - limit the amount given or substitute with low fat high fiber treats

    • Increase activity slowly and steadily over 2 to 3 weeks

  • Avoid drastic changes in food or feeding schedules unless advised by your veterinarian 




Call today to get your pet started on a weight management program!