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Senior Wellness Packages...

...It is our firm belief that our pets do not need to endure suffering of any kind as they age. Our aging pets can have significant quality of life and minimal pain if we address all of their needs as their body changes. Our senior wellness objective is to ensure that we detect and correct debilitating or potentially dangerous changes early so your pet has the longest possible quality of life.

We recommend bi-annual senior wellness visits starting at age 8-10 years of age. During those visits we will work together to slow age progression by encouraging:

  • Appropriate Nutrition to keep all organs and joints healthy
  • Effective Dental Treatments and Preventive Care plans
  • Address mobility issues and design an activity plan to keep your pet moving
  • Age appropriate and Risk appropriate vaccines or titers
  • Early detection of organ and metabolic changes with Comprehensive Lab screenings
  • At least Twice yearly Comprehensive exams and monitoring evaluations
  • Discussion of the behavioral needs of your aging pet
  • Appropriate early detection of Pain and implementation of a Pain Reduction Plan.

Our entire team is committed to placing your needs and your pet's needs at the center of your visit. We are here to answer your questions and address your concerns as well as give advice on how we can help you keep your pet as healthy and comfortable as possible. We realize that each pet's needs are unique and we will develop a health care plan specific for your pet. Our appointments will allow you ample time to speak with the doctor and staff so you are completely comfortable with the plan we create. Rechecks throughout the year are a necessary way to evaluate our plan's success and readjust it as your pet changes.

Our Healthy Paws Wellness Packages  include the vaccines and preventive care specific for your pets  as well as rewards in the form of savings on diagnostics, imaging, medications and food, and treatments including dental procedures  that they may need for the year. Call us today to get started on a health plan for your pet. 

Don't wait until they are sick to get started on a Wellness Path. Early Detection decreases pain and suffering.