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Puppy and Kitten Wellness...
...Once you've made the decision to add a new furry creature to your family we are here to help you keep them healthy and give them the best possible start in life.

 Vaccines for puppies and kittens allow them to be protected against all the common diseases that can harm them. Our "Healthy Paws Wellness Packages" include everything a new puppy or kitten will need to be protected. Our packages are divided into 3 to 4 visits and include everything to help you keep your pet healthy and safe during this critical developmental stage. It can be a difficult time for many new owners but we are here to help you navigate this busy and rapidly changing period. Our knowledgeable doctors and staff have helped raised hundreds of puppies and kittens and are happy to lend you their expertise. 

 In addition to preventive health care such as vaccines and deworming, young puppies and kittens need training and many owners need counseling on other aspects of raising a healthy happy pet. Our visits are focused on addressing other concerns such as:

  • Potty Training and intervention
  • Developmental Behavioral training and counseling
  • Nutritional counseling to ensure proper development
  • Breed specific health counseling and genetic testing for breed specific diseases and conditions
  • Developing appropriate exercise and activity schedules 


Our Complete Wellness Package includes everything for the Healthy Start Every Pet Deserves.

Each appointment is scheduled for 30 minutes with a Veterinarian so you will have adequate time to have all of your questions and concerns addressed.

Our appointment hours include Saturdays and evenings!  Call today to arrange a convenient time for our Doctors and staff to meet your newest addition!







Give them a healthy start with our Puppy and Kitten Healthy Paws Wellness Packages!!!