Southern Hills Animal Hospital

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At Southern Hills Animal Hospital, we take great pride in creating memories for both pets and for people.  We have been fortunate and have been able to care for pets moving overseas to reunite with owners, seeing newborn puppies and their mothers, working with rescues and so much more. 

Critical Care at Southern Hills -- UPDATE: Purrkins is feeling a little better this afternoon!

Purrkins (he has since been renamed) has perked up a bit for us this afternoon!  While his condition is still critical, we are thrilled to see such big improvements in his appetite and ability to stand on his own.


Critical Care at Southern Hills: Meet Purrkins 

One of our own staff members rescued a kitten in desperate need of medical attention.  He was infested with maggots and barely able to stand on his own.  We are watching him closely throughout the day to ensure he in on the mend.

Jackson Moves to Singapore

Jackson, a handsome hound dog, had quite an exciting spring.  His owner moved to Singapore, and we were lucky enough to be able to watch him while his dad was away and took care of his veterinarian needs to ensure he met the strict standards of living overseas.  This is a quick clip of one of his MANY trips outside to walk! 

Meet the Beautiful Miss Sweetie

Sweetie, a beautiful buff seven year old cocker spaniel, was rescued from a life of living outside in a pen all by herself.  She had limited human interaction and was surrendered to Oldies But Goodies Cocker Rescue in Virginia.  She arrived as Southern Hills Animal Hospital with matted fur and was very timid. However, after a few days of extra love and care with our staff, she opened up and became a playful and energetic furry friend. We were lucky to be able to spend some time together with Sweetie as she makes the journey to her forever home.

Enjoy watching how happy she is as she is transported to the next leg of her journey.

Elsa's Two Day Old Puppies

Elsa, a wonderful and sweet lab, gave birth to a large litter of beautiful puppies, and her mom brought them in to us for a wellness visit when they were just two days old!  Prepare yourself for puppy overload!

Lizzie, the Lemon Beagle, Shows Off Her Moves

Lizzie has been coming to our hospital since she was a wee little puppy, and it has been such a treat to watch her as she has grown and developed into a sweet young girl!  She's learning many great new treats, including dancing!