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Adult Wellness ...

...Wellness care is not restricted to puppies and kittens. Once they have had their initial set of vaccines, continued annual exams and boosters are necessary to keep your pet protected. Not every pet requires the same vaccines. Your unique home environment and your pet's personal risk assessment allow our doctors to personalize a vaccination protocol specific for your pet. Excessive vaccinating or vaccinating for unnecessary diseases can be harmful to your pet. Our goal is to maximize your pet's health and quality of life in an affordable manner. We will design a Healthy Paws Wellness Package specific for your pet's unique needs.

In addition to appropriate vaccines, it is important to make sure your pet remains parasite free during their adolescent and adult years. Many parasites are common in our area and it can be difficult to detect issues unless you are testing and routinely treating for parasites. We recommend year round heartworm, flea and tick prevention. Preventive measures such as treating the environment (your yard and home) may also be important in decreasing parasites. Decreasing stagnant water-breeding grounds for mosquitoes is helpful in decreasing the diseases they transmit. 

During our Adult wellness visits we will provide a comprehensive physical and detailed historical exam to ensure the proper growth and development of your pet. We are here to help you:

  • Develop and maintain an appropriate parasite prevention program
  • Develop and maintain an appropriate nutritional and weight management program
  • Discuss and help treat any behavior issues
  • Discuss an appropriate exercise and activity schedule
  • Determine risks and provide preventative plans for the early detection of disease 
  • Develop an easy dental care routine 

Our annual wellness appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes so that you have adequate time to discuss your pet's needs with the doctor and ensure that we are giving your pet the best care possible.

You can also use our convenient, drop off service to leave your pet for the day while you work, shop or play - at no additional charge.


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